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A Little Bit About Dream Photo Studio


Dream Photo Studio is run by Olga and has been started to bring a bit of magic into our lives. "I've always been passionate about Photography and Digital Art. Photographs keep memories; make them indestructible by the time. Digital Art helps me to express myself, the way I see and feel the world. My creations always had this fantasy element, because even being an adult; I still believe in Magic, it always keeps me dreaming."

“I've started Dream Photo Studio in 2007. My inspiration to follow this direction was my sweet, little princess, my daughter Annabelle. Children’s world is fascinating, childhood is the only time when we believe that everything is possible, that Fairies and Magical creatures exist and I love to recreate this world in my Dream Designs. I hope you enjoy browsing the site and enjoy my fairytale images.”

Dream Photo Studio is the place where the Magic begins!

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