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Black & White Photo with Color
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Black & White Photo with Color
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This is an incredibly popular effect. It looks just amazing with wedding photos. In t

This is incredible popular technique, especially with wedding photographs. When placing your order, please specify which part of the photograph you want to leave in colour and which part you want to change to black and white.

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We will need 2-3 working day to retouch your photograph. After this time, we will send your enhanced picture to your e-mail address for you to approve. If you won’t be fully pleased with the result, we are happy to do revision using your comments and suggestions. However you can always use your right to cancel your order if our service won’t meet your expectations. Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

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If you did not attach your photo, while preceding your order, you can send it afterwards to service@dreamphotostudio.co.uk

his particular photo we removed all the colour from this picture, leaving only flowers in colour but you can choose what ever you want. Send us your photo and tell us what do you want to leave in colour and what do you want in black and white and we will recreate this beautiful effect for you.

We will add borders to your picture to create complete composition absolutely free. You  will get both copy of your project: with and without borders.


Click Large Image to see Before and After  


Your photo will be ready in 24 hours, after that time you will be able to check our work and if you are not completely happy we will work with your picture until you are.



On-line delivery


We will send your finished photo to your e-mail address in both printable (high resolution, 300 dpi) and web-compatible formats (72 dpi, easy way to share your photo on-line or to e-mail them to your friends and family)

What to do now?


    • Press Add to Cart button
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